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Posted by Carpetwurm - August 8th, 2020

(Trailer also on Twitter)

After 8 months of development, I feel like now's a good time to release Moontide's first trailer! The game still has a long way to go though, so we aren't out of the woods yet!

Moontide is a top-down adventure game, taking place during a fictional pirate era. After being taken in by a rag-tag pirate crew, your captain is arrested and held prisoner by the world navy. It's up to you and your crew to explore the mysterious Full Moon Isles to save him!

This new world is filled with monsters and navy troops, however each island seems to hold secretive dungeons filled with treasure. With the money you make, you improve the pirate town of Rogue's Rest and help release the navy's grasp on the islands.

Moontide is all about a sense of adventure and mystery, while challenging both your mind and reflexes. If you're a fan of classic hack 'n slash adventures, or just love explorative games, then Moontide is for you!

If you're interested in supporting development and receiving the game's alpha build, check out my Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/carpetwurm



Posted by Carpetwurm - February 22nd, 2020

Hey everyone (or at least, the people who are still following me lol.) sorry for the inactivity on here! I sort of stopped using NG since I wanted to primarily post only SFW on here, then kind of fell out of drawing SFW... heh. But, I'm back in the shack and ready to rock now.

For those unaware, I'm working on bettering myself and focusing more on game development, since that's what I ultimately want to do with my life. However, I still want to keep drawing furry porn, since it's a fun hobby that I don't think I could completely live without. (and not to mention how it pays the bills...)

I figure, with how many different people use NG and how video-game focused the site is, it wouldn't be a bad idea to shift my focus back to it. (And with its nifty content filters, it wouldn't be that divisive for people who want to follow me for gamedev stuff but don't want to see the porn, and vice-versa.) So from here on out, I'd like to keep this profile more up to date with my artwork and (possible) gamedev related posts.

If you're wondering, I'm currently working on a large-scale game project by myself, so my art output won't be as rapid as it used to be. I want to keep the details of the project relatively vague, until I'm ready to properly announce the game with a trailer or something. (Though, those in my Patreon server will be kept up to date with its development) And to answer the obvious question, no, it's not a porn game. Those just aren't very fun for me to work on... So...